Astore valley


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Tour details

  • Tour Type Explore
  • Price 200$ - 500$
  • Categories Destination
  • Capital Bridgetown
  • Language Urdu, English
  • Currency PKR
  • Time Zone GMT+5
  • Drives on the Left
  • Calling code + 92

The historical beauty of Gilgit BaltistanAstore Valley

Astore valley is a district located in Gilgit Baltistan and one of the 14 districts of this territory. Astore, Pakistan, is a major tourist attraction due to its lush green and snow-white glaciers and Eidgah in the Astore Valley has the Astore district’s HQs. The location of Astore and Astore valley is fascinating. It can be said that the Astore is in the lap of the mesmerizing areas. Gilgit Baltistan stands high at the north of the Astore, the northeast shakes hand with Roundu District, Skardu gives way to tourist reach Astore from the east, the southwest is covered by Kharmang, Diamer witnesses Nanga Parbat from the west, and the Neelum Valley tries to steal Astore valley’s tourist from the southwest. Apart from these beautiful areas and valleys in Pakistan, a beautiful place, Bandipore District, also sees Astore Valley from Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir from the south. Astore Gigit Baltistan’s calm and beautiful area is famous for Markhor in Astore valley and Astore Polo match.

The beautiful geography and weather of Astore make it the most beautiful valley of PakistanAstore valley’s area is approximately 5,092 km2, and its 8,500 ft. high altitude increases its charms. The remarkable Siachen glacier is also present here, and more amazingly, it is easily accessible. Another important fact of Astore is that it covers around 250 square km of glaciers, and the closest glacier after is the Harcho Glacier when you enter the Astore valley.

The weather of Astore Valley

The weather of Astore valley is pleasant for tourism as it provides a way out for tourists from hot places. The climate is pretty much moderate during summer, and tourists and travellers like to spend time here. While the winter can be really harsh with 4 to 5 feet snowfall in the mountains and 2 to 3 feet snowfall in other parts of Astore valley. So, we can say that it is all up to the travellers to choose perfect weather as per their suitability. However, Deosai temperature is severe, and because of its extreme weather conditions, you cannot find a place to stay here. The experts always advise checking the weather forecast before hitting the road towards hilly areas like Astore valley.

Exciting places to visit in Astore Valley

Astore valley doesn’t have 20s places to visit, but the scenic beauty stands it out from other Pakistan valleys. The very first place to stay in Astore is MinimargMinimarg has no parallel beauty in the Astore valleyMinimarg in Astore valley is known for its dense forests and cobalt blue lakes. One thing that you must experience here is trekking as there is an old and ancient route between Minimarg and Taobat Baala, which leads to Skardu, Gilgit and Astore.

Domail in Astore Valley is worth visiting due to its Rainbow Lake. The rainbow lake is far away from Minimarg, but the destination is beautiful enough to inspire philosophers. An interesting fact is that the lake’s water runs down from mountains and is fresh. Many huts are also built for tourists. Another beautiful thing about this lake is trout fish.

The breathtaking third spot is Astore’s Rama Lake. The Rama Lake in Astore valley is like a magnet for tourists. The way to reach Rama Lake, Astore, is itself very adventurous. You need to cross the 4*4 mud track, which is very steeply. You need to visit Rama Lake to witness Nanga Parbat views in Astore valley. These views make Rama Lake even more beautiful.

The Rama meadows from 10 km ahead of Rama Lake are also terrific places to visit. The Nanga Parbat can also be captured in cameras from here. The Astore Valley is enriched with scenic beauty.

Rupal base camp is one of the most romantic places in Pakistan. It is an ideal spot for honeymoons. You can camp here at night, which is adventurous and romantic. If you want to have incredible pictures of Nanga Parbat, you should visit the Tarshing Astore Nanga Parbat viewpoint. Apart from these mentioned beautiful places, you can extend your tour by visiting the following spots and places:

  • Allah Wali Jheel
  • Deosai Bara Pani
  • Deosai
  • Qamri Astore

Islamabad to Astore

Astore is located in the northern areas of Pakistan, and the routes to reach there are a bit adventurous. Islamabad to Astore distance is approximately 493.9km, and you have to take the N-15 national highway. This entire journey will take you around 11 hours and 34 minutes without resting. But on this journey, you should not rest because you might miss the most beautiful scenes of your life.

Lahore to Astore

The journey from Lahore to Astore can provide you 5 hours to rest before reaching Islamabad. But after that, the actual beautiful journey starts. The total distance from Lahore to Astore is about 828.3KM. This distance will take approximately 15 hours and 19 minutes to cover.  You would have to travel Islamabad-Lahore Motorway/M2 for reaching Islamabad, and then you can use the N-15 national highway.

Deosai Way from Astore Valley

Deosai is the second highest plateau and house of many species. Mostly, you can find white bears and brown bears here. But this place is not only the house of this species. There are over 10,000 species in this area. Deosai is dangerous for children, so we don’t advise you to take your children there. One of its common cultural names is the roof of the world due to its height. It is 13,000 above sea level. Another astonishing fact about Deosai Plateau is that it is prevalent in over 3,000 KM areas.

Deosai way from Astore Valley is pretty much good for jeeps only. It is not recommended that you use your personal cars for this route. However, the Deosai road is operational in summer only. In winter, it gets blocked by heavy snowfall. Astore Valley is a must-visit valley of Pakistan. Read more about.