Naran Kaghan valley


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  • Price 300$ - 500$
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  • Capital Bridgetown
  • Language English
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All you need to know about heart-stealing and mesmerizing valleys Naran Kaghan before visiting them

Naran Kaghan valley is one of the most bewitching northern areas in Pakistan, which attracts tourists and trekkers worldwide. Let us clear confusion here: Naran is a town, and Kaghan is a valley. People mostly took Naran Kaghan as one place. In fact, Kaghan is a beautiful valley in the lap of the mountain-rich province, Khyber Pakhtun Khaw (KPK), whilst Naran is a town in Kaghan. Kaghan valley is incredibly famous for its heart-stealing natural scenic beauty. One of them is Babu Sar Top. BabuSar Top is on the northern side of Kaghan valley and possesses eccentric and bewitching sights, which are enough to give you an exciting jump to your dull and monotonous life. The height of BabuSar Top is 4,173 m.
Being the favourite resort for tourists, Naran Kaghan witnessed the entrance of 700,000 vehicles in July 2021. The tourists are addicted to the scenic beauty of Naran Kaghan, especially of Babusar Top height and Shogran weather. The temperature in the Naran valley plunges down in October, and despite a bit high temperature in June and July, the snow on the mountains does not melt. Undoubtedly, Naran Valley is worth visiting and enjoying the destination, but the journey to Naran Valley itself is adorable and mesmerizing. Because the road to Naran Valley is alongside the comforting eye river, River Kunhar. If you want to give a vibrant feel and have the most beautiful time of your life, you should visit Naran Kaghan.

The weather of Naran Kaghan and Their Worth-Visiting Places

Kaghan valley is at the height of 2500m which is the reason for the low temperature. The weather of Naran Kaghan is bearable, in fact quite enjoyable during summer. The nights are cold and allow the tourists to visit and quench their thirst to see natural beauty. The best time to visit Kaghan valley and Naran valley is from April to September. Although you won’t be able to see yourself covering in snow, you can visit Naran Kaghan and see their scenic beauty to your whole.
During October, the weather of Naran Kaghan drops, and in November, it lands in the negative territory. This is the time when you can see the mountains starting covering with snow. October and November can be an ideal time to visit Naran Kaghan for snowfall lovers, but never plan your visit in December and January as the roads get block and your vehicle can’t even move an inch.
Jheel (lake) Saif Ul Malook’s weather is bearable during summer, and you can visit and capture the scenic beauty in your heart as well as in cameras. But during winter, the weather of Lake Saif Ul Malook gets cold, and the lake itself covers with snow. Shogran weather is pleasant and perfect for a picnic in summer from April to September. However, shogran temperature, like all other places in Naran Kaghan, drops in October. Siri Paye weather and Lake Saif Ul Malook weather allow you to go hiking in Shogran in summer, but you can’t go hiking because of low temperature and snow falling in the winter.

Distance from Different Pakistan Cities to Naran Kaghan

Islamabad to Naran distance is about 283.2 KM which will take you almost 6 hours and 9 minutes to reach Naran Valley. The journey from Islamabad to Naran is full of beautiful scenes. You should not be asleep when covering Islamabad to Naran distance; otherwise, you will miss all the thrill in this beguiling journey.
Before reaching Naran Kaghan, you will encounter River Kunhar. It is the best place to take pics and capture some beautiful memories before taking pics in Naran KaghanRawalpindi to Naran distance is a few KMs longer than that of from Islamabad to Naran. But again, the journey is worth enjoying.
Lahore to Islamabad distance is 617.4 KM, and you will reach within approximately 10 hours from Lahore to Naran. Please have a look on the chart below to know the  distance and time required to reach the destination:

Distance from different Pakistan Places to Naran in KM

Starting point and the destination Distance Travel time
Murree to Naran 183.9 KM 6 hours 18 minutes
Lahore to Babusar Top 682.7 KM 11 hours 22 minutes
Islamabad to Kaghan 260.9 KM 5 hours 15 minutes
Abbottabad to Naran 144.2 KM 4 hours 46 minutes
Islamabad to Shogran 229.8 KM 4 hours 33 minutes
If you extend your journey if you wish to feel the warmth and beauty of life. It will be best to visit Gilgit and Hunza. Naran to Hunza distance is 186 KM which might take you 5 hours and 42 minutes total because the road is not suitable for fast driving. Also, you can go to Gilgit from Naran. Naran to Gilgit distance is 233.9 KM so, you could reach Gilgit within 5 hours 35 minutes. Considering the distance, we recommend you go to Hunza as heaven on earth will be just 5 hours and 42 minutes away from you if you’re in Naran, Pakistan.

Naran Kaghan’s Best Places to Visit

Naran Kaghan is rich with unique and spectacular locations. There are many places to visit in Naran valley and Kaghan valley, but we know that you will have a shortage of time to see 20 places during your visit to Naran Kaghan. So, keeping this in view, we have listed the top 7 places to visit in Naran Kaghan.
The first place is Jheel (lake) Saif ul Malook. This lake captures the attention of tourists from all around the world with its scenic beauty, mesmerizing atmosphere and mountains around it. You can visit it from April to September. It is also considered the fifth most beautiful place to stay in Naran Pakistan. Don’t forget to check the Saif ul Malook weather before visiting it.
The second beautiful place, according to our list, is Babusar Top. Babusar top connect the KPK with Gilgit Baltistan territoires. It is the endpoint of Naran Kaghan and is situated at a high altitude of 13,700 ft above sea level.
Lalusar lake can be your third spot to visit in Naran Kaghan. But, remember, a critical thing is that fishing is not allowed at Lalusar lake so, don’t bother to take fishing net there.
How about visiting a waterfall in Naran Kaghan? For this, you have to book a jeep and go to Siri Paye to view Kewai lake.
We have reserved the 5th and 6th spots for lakes. The 5th spot is Ansoo Lake. It is called Ansoo Lake because the shape of the lake is like a tear (ansoo). 6th spot is Dudipatsar Lake which is famous as the Queen of the lakes. You should visit Dudipatsar Lake if you are an adventure lover. We recommend you to check the Naran Kaghan weather live before making a plan to visit.
The 7th palce to visit in Naran Kaghan is Lalazar. It is a perfect picnic spot for you and your loved ones.